tis-virtualbox 6.0.0-5

  • package : tis-virtualbox
  • version : 6.0.0-5
  • architecture : x64
  • locale : all
  • description : Free virtualization software
  • maintainer : Kevin Guerineau
  • date : 2018-12-26 14:46:11
  • min_wapt_version : 1.5
  • min_os_version : 6.0
  • max_os_version :
  • impacted_process : virtualbox.exe


# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from setuphelpers import *
import glob

uninstallkey = []

def install():

    waptversion = Version(__version__)

    if waptversion > Version('1.5') :

        diskfreespacebefore = get_disk_free_space(programfiles)

        print('installing virtualbox')

        version_exe = control['version'].split('-',1)[0]

        for exe in glob.glob('*.exe'):
            silentflags='--silent --msiparams REBOOT=ReallySuppress'

            force = WAPT and WAPT.options.force

            if not installed_softwares('Oracle VM VirtualBox ' + version_exe) or force:
                if isrunning('virtualbox.exe') and not force:
                    error('VirtualBOX is running !')
                run(r'"%s" %s' % (exe,silentflags),accept_returncodes=[0,3010],timeout=300)
                print('Exe setup %s already installed. Skipping' % exe)

            if not installed_softwares('Oracle VM VirtualBox ' + version_exe):
                error('Setup %s has been and uninstall but %s not found' % (exe,'Oracle VM VirtualBox ' + version_exe))

        diskfreespaceafter = get_disk_free_space(programfiles)
        difffreespace = diskfreespacebefore - diskfreespaceafter
        print(ur"Espace disque necessaire pour l'installation : " + str(difffreespace))

        error('This package is not compatible with your WAPT version. Please upgrade to WAPT 1.5 or more.')

#Remove all file extpack
    for file in glob.glob(makepath(programfiles64,'Oracle','VirtualBox','*.vbox-extpack')) :

#Copy new extpack

#Install new extpack
    for ext in glob.glob('*.vbox-extpack'):
            run('echo y | "%s" extpack install --replace "%s"' %(makepath(programfiles64,'Oracle','VirtualBox','VBoxManage.exe'),ext) )
            run('"%s" extpack cleanup ' %(makepath(programfiles64,'Oracle','VirtualBox','VBoxManage.exe')) )
            run('echo y | "%s" extpack install --replace "%s"' %(makepath(programfiles64,'Oracle','VirtualBox','VBoxManage.exe'),ext) )

#Remove shortcut
    remove_desktop_shortcut('Oracle VM VirtualBox')

def uninstall():
    for soft in installed_softwares('Oracle VM VirtualBox'):

    for file in glob.glob(makepath(programfiles64,'Oracle','VirtualBox','*.vbox-extpack')) :

def update_package():
    for line in  wgets("https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads").splitlines() :
        if ".exe" in line :
            linkinstalleur = line[line.find('href="') +6 : line.find('"><span')]
            fileinstalleur = linkinstalleur.rsplit('/',1)[1]
        if "vbox-extpack" in line and not 'Old' in line :
            linkext = line[line.find('href="') + 6 : line.find('"><span')]
            fileext = linkext.rsplit('/',1)[1]
    if not isfile(fileinstalleur):
        print('File %s already exist' % fileinstalleur)
    if not isfile(fileext):
        print('File %s already exist' % fileext)

    for exe in glob.glob('*.exe'):
        if exe != fileinstalleur:

    for ext in glob.glob('*.vbox-extpack'):
        if ext != fileext:

    vers = get_file_properties(fileinstalleur)['ProductVersion'].rsplit('.',1)[0]
    print('Latest version is : '+ vers)


    from waptpackage import PackageEntry
    pe = PackageEntry()

    pe.version = vers + '-0'

if __name__ == '__main__':


VirtualBox 6.0.0 (released December 18 2018)

This is a major update. The following major new features were added:

    Implemented support for exporting a virtual machine to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
    User interface: greatly improved HiDPI and scaling support, including better detection and per-machine configuration
    Major rework of user interface with simpler and more powerful application and virtual machine set-up
    User interface: a new file manager enabling user to control the guest file system and copy files between host and guest.
    Graphics: major update of 3D graphics support for Windows guests, and VMSVGA 3D graphics device emulation on Linux and Solaris guests
    Added support for surround speaker setups (as used by Windows 10 Build 1809)
    Added utility vboximg-mount on Apple hosts to access the content of guest disks on the host
    Added support for using Hyper-V as the fallback execution core on Windows host, to avoid inability to run VMs at the price of reduced performance 

In addition, the following items were fixed and/or added:

    Execution core: fixed single-stepping in certain circumstances (bug #17316)
    User interface: video and audio recording can now be separately enabled
    Audio/Video recording fixes and improvements
    Audio: better support for attaching and detaching remote desktop connections
    Serial port emulation fixes
    Serial ports: allow changing the serial port attachment while a machine is running (bug #6115)
    Networking: Added a workaround for older guests which do not enable bus mastering for the virtio PCI device
    Networking: fixed wrong RCODE from DNS AAAA query with --natdnshostresolver1 (bug #18171)
    iSCSI: In cases where there is no ambiguity, the LUN of an iSCSI target is automatically determined, for targets with non-zero LUNs
    Transparently resize disk images when merging if possible
    VBoxManage: support for DHCP options
    Fixed VNC/RDP (bug 18153)
    Guest Control: various new interfaces and features (see SDK documentation)
    Linux hosts: support Linux 4.20 (thank you Larry Finger)
    Solaris: installer fixes
    Shared folders: performance improvements
    Guest Additions: improved shared folder auto-mounting
    Windows Guest Additions: fix incorrect tablet co-ordinate handling with recent Windows 10 builds
    Linux Additions: fix for building vboxvideo on EL 7.6 standard kernel, contributed by Robert Conde (bug #18093)
    Linux guests: support Linux 4.20 (thank you Larry Finger)
    Linux guests: support VMSVGA in the Linux and X11 Additions
    MacOS Guest Additions: initial support
    OS/2 Guest Additions: initial shared folder support
    BIOS fixes
    ACPI: Up to four custom ACPI tables can now be configured for a VM 



WAPT/icon.png caf92a1846229dc6b49fca1c96ba29e4be8e1ab0d4f83d05711c338a8f398879
WAPT/certificate.crt 13fb474c5c23c135a77aba592eb8821b9ecbcc463f5b7312312b87b20eac6779
WAPT/wapt.psproj df3e2fa87fea9c7bdfcc22039b9ef7303f092898882d9f3f4233f5d92f90b3c7
VirtualBox-6.0.0-127566-Win.exe e943e84158057da06e3355b0e170b82507cbe7080f5bbf06c9f4a7674ffa783c
setup.py 356767bfdd56fb01de1dcfb5105d9f1f25c40711fe4a4d6fd38c2b3d38635fe3
Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-6.0.0.vbox-extpack b99ef88b0ac1abebc7a6d7168dd5eec58c426f05acf69c4055defff175038f57
WAPT/control 2cce954cdbd9df6e9eaf72f4fcccf4401ca74ffb0576de7cd030a75b3bceafa9
WAPT/changelog.txt 3b95b41080342cce16bb6773f1b78a78a41b0f55b99bb46cefd857e3504ba284