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Version : 3.16.0-4

  • package : tis-calibre
  • editor :
  • version : 3.16.0-4
  • licence :
  • architecture : all
  • locale :
  • description : Calibre EBook epub management (Kovid Goyal)
  • description_fr :
  • min_os_version :
  • max_os_version :
  • min_wapt_version :
  • installed_size :
  • impacted_process :
  • signature_date : 20180227-185729
  • maintainer : Hubert TOUVET

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from setuphelpers import *

uninstallkey = []

def install():
    print('installing Calibre Ebook management')
    versionsoft = control['version'].split('-',1)[0]

    if iswin64():
        for soft in installed_softwares("calibre"):
        install_msi_if_needed('calibre-x64-%s.msi' % versionsoft)
        install_msi_if_needed('calibre-x86-%s.msi' % versionsoft)

def update_package():
    import requests,BeautifulSoup
    import re
    pe = PackageEntry()
    current_version = pe['version'].split('-',1)[0]

    software_name = "Calibre"
    software_download_url_32 = ""
    software_download_url_64 = ""

    version_software_url = ""

    pattern=re.compile(r'version (.*)')

    page = requests.get(version_software_url,headers={'User-Agent':'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64)'}).text
    bs = BeautifulSoup.BeautifulSoup(page)
    bs_raw_string = bs.find('h1',{'class':'release-title text-normal'}).find('a').text
    software_version = re.findall('version (.*)',str(bs_raw_string))[0]

    print "Current %s WAPT package version is : %s" % (software_name,current_version)
    print "Latest %s version available is : %s" % (software_name,software_version)

    if Version(current_version) < Version(software_version):
        print "%s package is not up-to-date, updating" % software_name
        print "Cleanup current MSI files"

        for msi in glob.glob('*.msi'):

        print("Downloading latest version")
        wget(software_download_url_32,"calibre-x86-%s.msi" % software_version)
        wget(software_download_url_64,"calibre-x64-%s.msi" % software_version)

        pe.version = software_version + '-0'
        print("No update needed, package already up to date")

if __name__ == '__main__':


Release: 2.47 [21 Dec, 2015]
New Features

    A new tool to easily export and import all calibre data -- books, settings and plugins

    Right click the calibre icon in the main calibre toolbar and choose "Export/import all calibre data" to run this tool. It is useful if you want to move to a new computer or duplicate your calibre setup on a second computer, with minimal effort. This tool is very new, so if you run into problems, please report bugs. You can always use the old manual method of copying library folders as a fallback.
    Get Books: Add plugins for Amazon Australia and Amazon India. Also restore the Amazon EU plugins.

    Closes tickets: 1526089

Bug Fixes

    PDF Input: Fix conversion of PDF documents that contain ASCII control codes in their outlines not working.

    Closes tickets: 1527697
    Edit book: Fix image compression utilities opening a new console per invocation on windows
    Image compression: If the compression tools return a zero byte image ignore it and use the original image
    Fix a regression that caused book titles in the Book Details panel to become clickable

Improved news sources

    Fox News
    Le Devoir
    Le Monde

Release: 2.46 [11 Dec, 2015]
New Features

    PDF Input: Add support for PDF outlines (bookmarks), if present, they are used as the metadata Table of Contents.

    Closes tickets: 1524522
    Book polishing: Add tool to losslessly compress images in the book in order to reduce its filesize, without affecting image quality
    Edit Book: Add a new tool to compress images in the book losslessly, accessed from the Tools menu
    Kobo driver: add support for new Kobo firmware

    Closes tickets: 1524742
    Bulk metadata edit dialog: Allow entering fractional numbers into the series number start with control.

    Closes tickets: 1523253
    Speed up moving libraries by using hardlinks instead of file copies when moving to a location on the same filesystem
    Get Books: Disable the Amazon EU stores, at Amazon's request

Bug Fixes

    Fix moving libraries via calibre leaving behind a copy of the metadata_db_prefs_backup.json file in the original library folder
    MOBI Input: Warn about corrupted trailing data entries, instead of aborting. Getting some, even partially corrupted text is better than no text.

    Closes tickets: 1521830
    Book details: Fix single value custom text column not clickable.

    Closes tickets: 1521004
    Saving to disk: Fix custom date column being rendered in GMT instead of the local time zone when used in a save to disk template.

    Closes tickets: 1520895

Improved news sources

    New York Review of Books
    Caravan Magazine

Release: 2.45 [27 Nov, 2015]
New Features

    Cover browser: Allow customizing the text that appears under the covers with a template in Preferences->Look & Feel->Cover browser
    When sending books without a cover to the device, generate a cover with book metadata instead of using the blank book icon
    Preferenes->Add your own columns: Show more information about existing columns

Bug Fixes

    PDF Output: Handle input documents with fonts that do not have either postscript or full name information.

    Closes tickets: 1518678
    DOCX Input: Handle numbering styles that use non-decimal number formats and custom templates.

    Closes tickets: 1519962
    Allow restoring of corrupted library to work even if the metadata.db file is missing from the library folder

    Closes tickets: 1519855
    Bulk metadata dialog: Fix renaming a custom series via search and replace causing the series index to be reset to 1.

    Closes tickets: 1519599
    Bulk metadata dialog: Fix search and replace not working for text like custom columns if the column contains only a single value.

    Closes tickets: 1516890
    Content server: Fix next and previous links not working in the mobile view when using a search query that includes url unsafe characters.

    Closes tickets: 1519606
    Update Amazon metadata download plugin to handle website change that was preventing any metadata from being downloaded
    Edit Book: Fix error when trying to add words to user dictionary for a book with a language that has no dictionary available.

    Closes tickets: 1517928
    Tag browser: Fix various bugs in how grouped search terms are displayed. Also fix counts and average rating for items in user categories
    When using copy to library also create missing composite columns in the destination library.

    Closes tickets: 1516880

Improved news sources

    The Guardian and The Observer

Release: 2.44.1 [15 Nov, 2015]
Bug Fixes

    Update the version of libpng bundled with calibre to fix a security vulnerability in libpng

    See for details on the vulnerability

Release: 2.44 [13 Nov, 2015]
New Features

    Allow setting the cover for a book from one of the book's formats by right clicking on the format in the Book details panel.

    Closes tickets: 1515411
    Allow drag and drop of all file types onto the book details panel and the format list in the edit metadata dialog.

    Closes tickets: 1515407
    Edit Book: When inserting an image into the current document, add a button to paste the image from the clipboard
    Edit Book: Change the suggested prefix for bulk renaming of files depending on the type of files being renamed.

    Closes tickets: 1514468
    On Linux, use the system tray icon from the system theme, if available

Bug Fixes

    Fix for error when connecting to some Android phones/tablets that have an SD card on OS X and Linux
    Linux build: Fix problem with pointing hand mouse cursor not using the system theme on some Linux systems
    Fix the device view state not being saved when a connected device is ejected/disconnected
    Edit Book: Fix saving fails if the original file is deleted during editing session

    Closes tickets: 1513849
    E-book viewer: When doing a search do not match text in comments, attributes and inappropriate tags, such as <script> and <style>

Improved news sources


Release: 2.43 [06 Nov, 2015]
New Features

    Edit Book: Add a 'Smart Comment' tool to easily comment/uncomment text

    Press Ctrl+` to trigger the tool, or add the tool to your toolbar via Preferences->Toolbar->Tools for all editors. It will either insert comments around the selected text or uncomment an existing comment if the cursor is inside one.
    Tag mapper: Add new rule types to upper-case, lower-case or capitalize tags
    Markdown input: Allow the 'extra' convenience extension as a shortcut for enabling multiple other extensions. Also add the Attribute List and Admonition extensions. Finally, update the markdown library used by calibre

    Closes tickets: 1512461

Bug Fixes

    Amazon metadata download: Fix for website change at that prevented ratings from being downloaded.

    Closes tickets: 1513318
    Tag mapper: Prevent cycles in the replacement rules from causing the tag mapper to hang

    Closes tickets: 1513330
    Do not fail on windows systems where the system function to get the users home folder fails
    E-book viewer: Set the foreground color as well as the background color for the reference mode popup. Makes it legible even when the user specifies a different color theme for the viewer.

New news sources

    La Politica Online by Darko Miletic

Release: 2.42 [30 Oct, 2015]
New Features

    Driver for the new NookGlowlight Plus. This device only allows sending of files inside the NOOK folder, so calibre now follows that limitation.
    When converting AZW4 files to PDF, skip the conversion and simply unwrap the PDF file already embedded inside the AZW4 file.
    Metadata download review dialog: Add an option to mark rejected books in the main book list after the review is completed.

    Closes tickets: 1507198
    Edit Book: Spell check dialog: Add a button to undo the last spelling change

Bug Fixes

    Edit metadata dialog: When downloading metadata with download of authors turned off, do not regenerate the author sort field after the download.

    Closes tickets: 1510335
    Fix a regression that broke the heuristic used to detect cover images in some EPUB files that do not specify their cover metadata.

    Closes tickets: 1509642
    Edit Book File List: Fix pre-selection of filename when renaming a file in the root
    Tag mapper: Fix bug when replacement tag has comma in it and the replacement rule is not the last rule

Improved news sources
    Various Polish news sources

Release: 2.41 [16 Oct, 2015]
New Features

    Edit Book: Allow editing an unzipped EPUB (a folder) as a book

    Useful if you wish to store your ebook in a version control system and edit it directly with the calibre ebook editor (File->Open folder as book)
    Edit Book: Allow easily removing items from the popup menu for the 'Insert tag' button
    Make Tag Browser more useable with keyboard shortcuts. Configure the keyboard shortcuts in Preferences->Keyboard->Tag Browser
    ToC editor: Add context menu item to change selected entries to upper case

Bug Fixes

    Edit Book: Preview panel: Render in XHTML mode. Fixes svg elements using a global svg namespace not rendering.
    Tag Browser: Fix clicking on first-letter groups for series not working
    DOCX Output: Ignore corrupted images in the input instead of erroring out on them.
    E-book viewer: Fix keyboard shortcut to toggle table of contents not working when ToC window is made floating.

    Closes tickets: 1503910
    Allow ebook-metadata to work with read-only files when no options are specified to change metadata.

    Closes tickets: 1504345
    Tag mapper: When the replacement tag contains commas, create multiple tags instead of replacing the comma with a semi-colon.

    Closes tickets: 1503526
    HTMLZ Output: Set the HTML <title> to the book title.

    Closes tickets: 1502592

Improved news sources

    Boston Globe
    Wall Street Journal
    Spectator Magazine
    The Independent

Release: 2.40 [02 Oct, 2015]
New Features

    A new tool to apply Tag mapper rules to existing books in the library. To use it, go to Preferences->Toolbars and add the tool to the toolbar.
    Kindle driver: Detect books in Amazon's new KFX format present on e-ink kindles.

    Closes tickets: 1496206

    Note that this only detects KFX books and allows you to delete them. You cannot copy them to your calibre library. Doing so would be pointless anyway, as KFX books are specialised for individual devices. Instead go to your 'Manage my content' page an and download them from there -- this will give you a regular azw3 file you can add to calibre.

Bug Fixes

    TXT Output: Do not fail when input contains HTML comments with double hyphens in the comment text.
    E-book polishing: Show a confirmation if the user selects both the add and remove jacket actions.
    Edit Book: Fix order of checkboxes in filter style information tool is random
    PDB Input: Ingore malformed metadata records.

    Closes tickets: 1499878
    Revert change in previous release to workaround broken xdg-open on linux. Apparently xdg-open is so badly broken that working around it is not possible.

    Closes tickets: 1500226
    ZIP Output: Fix system encoding being used instead of UTF-8 for html files.

    Closes tickets: 1499514

Improved news sources

    The Philosopher's Magazine
    Harper's Magazine
    La Nacion

Release: 2.39 [25 Sep, 2015]
New Features

    Implement tag mapping to automatically filter/transform tags when adding books or downloading metadata

    Now you can create simple rules that will filter/transform the tags when adding new books or downloading metadata for books. To setup the rules, go to Preferences->Adding books and Preferences->Downloading metadata
    Kobo driver: Support for newly firmware version 3.18

    Closes tickets: 1499340
    Edit Book: Add a setting to control icon size for the toolbars (Preferences->Toolbars)

Bug Fixes

    Edit Book: Check Book: Fix automatic correction of missing unique id sometimes not working

    Closes tickets: 1498207
    Edit Book: Fix (hopefully) View->Browse images in books sometimes not showing changed images
    CBZ metadata: Do not fail to read metadata if the volume is not a valid number.

    Closes tickets: 1495651
    Content server: Fix error in /mobile page if one of the books has metadata with ascii control codes in it.

    Closes tickets: 1491082
    Linux: Workaround for systems with broken xdg-open implementations that do not unquote urls before passing them to applications
    Get Books: Update store for website changes
    HTMLZ Output: Fix HTML files being created with system encoding instead of UTF-8.

    Closes tickets: 1499514

New news sources

    Various Korean news sources by Hoje Lee
    Presseportal DE by Volker Heggemann

Improved news sources

    TIME Magazine
    The Atlantic

== Release: 2.38 [11 Sep, 2015] ==

=== New Features ===

* Add support for Kobo Touch 2
* Edit Book: Add a tool to check external links (links pointing to websites). Can be accessed via Tools->Check external links
* Edit Book: Add an option to turn off drag and drop editing of text (Preferences->Editor)
* Two new icon themes: Primo+ and Black Edition (Preferences->Look & Feel->Change icon theme)

=== Bug Fixes ===

* Copy to Library: Fix author sort/link values not being copied when copying a book with an author not present in the destination library.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1492685]
* When inserting metadata jackets do not set media for the stylesheet. This prevented the stylesheet from working with some reader devices.
* Copy to library: Fix conversion options not being copied when copying books between libraries

=== New news sources ===

* Karsi Gazete by Voltran

=== Improved news sources ===

* Strategy+Business
* Ars Technica
* National Geographic
* New York Times Technology Beat

== Release: 2.37.1 [04 Sep, 2015] ==

=== New Features ===

* Driver for the Lark Freebook reader device
* A redesigned busy spinner -- why should icons get all the love?
* When merging book records, show more information about the target book record.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1490343]
* A new icon theme 'Dark Blue' (Preferences->Look & Feel->Change icon theme)
* Add a check box to control copying ebook files when duplicating book records via the Add Empty Book dialog

=== Bug Fixes ===

* Edit Book: Check Book: Fix automatic fixing of unsafe ids not working if the file containing the unsafe also needs to be fixed for an unsafe filename.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1491728]
* E-book viewer: Informative error message for themes button when no themes have been created
* Fix a regression that caused the library switch entries at the bottom of the library menu to not work when there are many libraries.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1490096]
* Get Books: Update Amazon EU store plugins for website changes

== Release: 2.36 [28 Aug, 2015] ==

=== New Features ===

* Icon themes: Change the calibre icons easily via icon themes<br/>You can now change the icons calibre uses easily via Preferences->Look & Feel->Change icon theme. Several icon themes are already available for calibre
* When adding empty books to the library also allow creating duplicates of the current book, with all metadata copied. To use right click the Add Books button and select 'Add Empty Books'<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1488398]
* Driver for the Unusual Sapiens V2 and Adlibris Letto readers.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1486531],&nbsp;[ 1484585]
* Kobo driver: Add support for firmware 3.17.3
* E-book viewer: Add a command line option to open the previously read book when starting up.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1483313]
* Edit Book: Live CSS: Allow copying of CSS rules by right clicking on the Live CSS panel.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1485237]
* Linux installer: Install application and mimetype icons in multiple sizes<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1489654]

=== Bug Fixes ===

* Amazon metadata download: Support for yet another variant of amazon cover image markup
* E-book viewer: Fix --open-at sometimes giving inaccurate results (depends on speed of book loading)
* EPUB Metadata: Add workaround for bug in PocketBook firmware which causes it to fail to read series metadata if the series number is declared before the series.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1488113]
* Fix user defined template functions leaking from one library to another when switching libraries/using copy to library.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1487949]
* Fix a regression in the previous release that could cause the marked books icon to be incorrectly rendered next to the row number<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1486398]
* Edit Book: Check Book: Fix incorrect links that consist only of an anchor and no filename not being detected.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1485670]
* AZW3 Output: Fix large tables (with many columns) not rendering correctly on Kindles.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1489495]

=== Improved news sources ===

* .tyzden
* Forbes
* Clarin

== Release: 2.35 [14 Aug, 2015] ==

=== New Features ===

* Kobo driver: Add support for the new firmware version 3.17<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1484516]
* E-book viewer: Allow setting the number of pages per screen separately for portrait and landscape modes.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1483313]

=== Bug Fixes ===

* DOCX Input: Fix a regression in the previous release that broke conversion of some documents that specify vertical alignment in absolute units
* Book list: Fix the current row number being partially cutoff on some windows 10 machines.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1482993]
* Fix 'stopping content server' message popping up repeatedly even when it is closed while the content server has not fully stopped
* Conversion: Fix error when converting a file that uses media queries with comments in the media selector.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1482983]

=== New news sources ===

* 3D News and by bugmen00t

=== Improved news sources ===

* American Spectator
* South China Morning Post

== Release: 2.34 [07 Aug, 2015] ==

=== New Features ===

* Amazon metadata download: Add support for To use it go to Preferences->Metadata download and configure the amazon plugin to use Netherlands as the source.
* Catalogs: Add an option to not add the generated catalog to the library.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1481529]
* E-book viewer: Improve performance of hyphenation (by updating the version of the hyphenation library it uses)

=== Bug Fixes ===

* DOCX Input: Add support for text whose vertical position is adjusted by offsets from the baseline
* DOCX Output: Handle length and percentage values for vertical-align in the input document.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1480300]
* Edit Book: Check Book: Fix automatic correction of invalid ids not updating the idrefs in the spine for ids in the manifest of the OPF file.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1479462]
* E-book viewer: Fix printing to PDF could result in filenames with characters not supported by windows<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1478515]
* E-book viewer: Also fix a bug in the hyphenation algorithm that could cause the word 'undefined' to be mangled during hyphenation.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1478292]
* ODT Input: Fix custom styles with a dot in their name not being inherited.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1478346]

=== Improved news sources ===

* Daily Express
* The New Yorker
* Wired Magazine
* Wired UK

== Release: 2.33 [24 Jul, 2015] ==

=== New Features ===

* Driver for SONY DPT-S1.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1476093]
* Edit Book: When showing suggestions for mis-spelled words, also show suggestions from user created word lists
* Edit Book: Check Book: Add a check for "invalid" ids

=== Bug Fixes ===

* Conversion: Ignore stylesheets linked via media queries that use device specific features.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1476089]
* Fix covers not being read from some TXTZ files.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1475984]
* ODT Input: Add support for numbered lists that do not start numbering at 1.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1475846]

=== Improved news sources ===

* Houston Chronicle

== Release: 2.32.1 [17 Jul, 2015] ==

=== New Features ===

* E-book viewer: Automatically save the current reading position every ten seconds. Prevents loss of reading position on crash/forced shutdown.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1473737]
* Edit Book: Check Book: Add checks for missing OPF version and toc references and for text placed directly inside the <body> tag<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1468649]
* calibredb: Add a new search sub-command that can be used to generate a list of book ids from a search expression
* Tag Editor: Place the keyboard focus on the last edited field.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1473140]
* Edit metadata dialog: When clicking Next and Previous preserve the current tab of the edit comments widget.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1467129]
* Linux: Various fixes to make calibre work when compiled against the latest versions of Qt and PyQt<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1471083]
* Edit Book: Allow drag and drop of files onto dock icon on OS X

=== Bug Fixes ===

* There was a regression in 2.32.0 that caused conversion to PDF to fail, the fix for this was released in 2.32.1
* E-book viewer: Fix a regression in the previous release that caused the maximum text width setting in full screen mode to be ignored when switching from normal to full screen.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1467164]
* Fix error in template dialog when using {id} in send to device preferences.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1474513]
* Edit Book/Book polishing: Fix EPUB books with opf files that use a non-default namespace for the OPF namespace being corrupted.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1471419]
* OS X: Workaround for Qt 5 regression that causes any errors during startup to be hidden behind the splash screen.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1473017]
* Conversion: Fix incorrect relative URLs being generated when an HTML or CSS file is placed higher in the folder hierarchy than the opf file.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1474287]
* FB2 Output: Fix error when using the sectionize with toc option and the input documents Table of Contents contains multiple items pointing to the same HTML file.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1471125]
* Conversion: Fix error when input document contains a font size exactly one point away from the base size.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1472291]
* Device drivers: Handle devices with undecodeable filenames in their filesystem. Simply ignore those files.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1467433]
* Fix Cmd+Left/Right keyboard shortcut not working when editing items in the book list on OS X.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1469554]
* Fix corrupted text in the jobs list on some non-English windows installs<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1469549]
* Edit Book: Workaround for a Qt regression that caused 'See what changed' after a search and replace on OS X causing the application to become unresponsive.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1466732]
* Edit Book: Fix smarten punctuation not working for books with non-ascii characters in internal file names on OS X

=== New news sources ===

* Slate Star Codex by Ned Letcher
* Hurriyet by Adrian Tennessee

=== Improved news sources ===

* Harvard Business Review
* Psychology Today
* NRC Handelsblad
* Entrepeneur Magazine
* 20 minutes
* Economia
* Accountancy Age
* Jakarta Post
* Foreign Affairs
* Spectator Magazine
* Daily Express
* The Onion AV Club
* Metro UK

== Release: 2.31 [19 Jun, 2015] ==

=== New Features ===

* E-book viewer: Make the search engine used for searching for selected text configurable (in the Miscellaneous section of the viewer preferences)

=== Bug Fixes ===

* E-book viewer: Fix dragging to select text with the mouse causing the page to slide sideways in paged mode, if the mouse leaves the text area.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1464862]
* E-book viewer: Fix transitioning between full screen mode and normal mode sometimes causing current position to not be preserved.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1466082]
* AZW3 Input: Ignore incorrect text encoding (incorrectly encoded bytes are now replaced by placeholders) instead of erroring out.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1465769]
* Get Books: Update Legimi and CDP store plugins for website changes
* Fix Cybook Nolimbook not being detected in linux and OS X.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1464382]
* DOCX Output: Fix internal hyperlinks being ignored when they point to a HTML file whose <body> element has an id.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1464086]
* Edit Book: Fix groups in replace template being interpreted backwards when search direction is up
* Searching: When search as you type is active, do not change automatically change focus to the book list when searching, unless the user presses Enter.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1463042]
* Font subsetting: Fix subsetting removing some needed ligatures when subsetting some Arabic fonts
* Prevent errors when testing email sending even if stderr on the host machine is broken

=== New news sources ===

* Various Ukranian news sources by rpalyvoda

=== Improved news sources ===

* Baltimore Sun
* El Mercurio Chile
* Sydney Morning Herald

== Release: 2.30 [05 Jun, 2015] ==

=== New Features ===

* An option to auto-convert a book on adding even if it is already in the output format (Preferences->Adding Books).<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1460477]
* E-book viewer: If there are entries in the Table of Contents that are long enough to be truncated, display the full text in a popup menu when the mouse hovers over the item.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1460093]
* News download: Add support for turning off SSL certificate verification in individual recipes
* Kobo driver: Support for upcoming firmware version 3.16<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1461964]

=== Bug Fixes ===

* DOCX Output: Fix aspect ratio of images being distorted when the input document specifies image width but not height or vice-versa.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1455502]
* DOCX Output: Fix extra page breaks being inserted in some situations.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1455502]
* LIT Input: Fix smarten punctuation not working for text (as opposed to HTML) based LIT files.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1460998]
* EPUB metadata: Fix extraction of cover image from EPUB 3 files that do not use EPUB 2 backward compatible markup and that have incorrect cover page markup as well.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1461321]
* Book details panel: On windows use only \ as a path separator when copying file paths
* Edit Book: Fix Saved searches panel not working well with very long search/replace expressions
* OS X: Fix changing preferences causing 'Email to selected recipients...' appearing multiple times in the Connect/Share menu.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1460089]

== Release: 2.29 [29 May, 2015] ==

=== New Features ===

* Allow opening the full Tag Editor dialog directly from the book list by holding down the Shift key while starting an edit of a tag-like field. For example, click on the tags field for a book and press Shift-F2
* Tag Browser: Allow undoing the deletion of items in the Manage categories window
* calibredb add: Allow setting arbitrary identifiers, not just ISBN.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1458620]
* Add a 'Retry' button to the news download failed error message.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1458076]

=== Bug Fixes ===

* DOCX Output: Detect the common idiom of placing centered images as inline images inside a containing centered block and render the resulting image as a floating centered image in the DOCX file.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1455502]
* DOCX Output: Fix incorrect handling of bold/italic in paragraphs where the majority of text is either bold or italic instead of normal
* Table of Contents editor: Fix save/load of settings in the XPath wizard not working across restarts
* Get Books: Update the Kobo Store plugin for website changes

=== Improved news sources ===

* Popular Science
* General Knowledge Today
* Scientific American
* Wired Magazine

== Release: 2.28 [15 May, 2015] ==

=== New Features ===

* Conversion of all ebook formats to Microsoft Word (DOCX) files<br/>Supports conversion of text styles, images, lists, tables, embedded fonts, etc. Produces DOCX files compatible with Microsoft Word 2007 or newer. Note that this code is very new, so there will likely still be kinks that will be worked out in the coming weeks.
* Add keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+Right, Ctrl+Left) to switch between virtual library tabs.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1453497]
* When sending email using GMX pause for five minutes between books, to prevent GMX from blocking the account. The delay can be configured via Preferences->Tweaks

=== Bug Fixes ===

* Open With: Fix application icons in XDG_DATA_HOME on linux not being found and fix unhandled error when choosing non-executable files as applications.
* AZW3 Output: Remove duplicate anchors to workaround some Kindle renderers using the last occurrence of an anchor as the target instead of the first.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1454199]
* Fix language definition on body tag being ignored during conversion
* Edit book: When importing multiple files into the book, import them in the order sorted by their filenames instead of in random order
* E-book viewer: Fix print to pdf not working on some windows systems with non-ascii usernames and non-utf-8 system locales. Also make the print to pdf dialog a little easier to use.
* Edit Book: Fix TOC editor window not remembering its last used size

=== Improved news sources ===

* Field and Stream
* Linux Magazine
* Brand Eins
* Courrier International
* Wired Magazine
* The Onion

== Release: 2.27 [01 May, 2015] ==

=== New Features ===

* Edit metadata dialog: Add a clear button for the publisher.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1449105]
* DOCX Input: Add option to not insert page breaks between endnotes.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1448433]
* calibredb list: Allow outputting the book languages as well.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1445853]
* Italian translation of Quick Start Guide
* Embed metadata: When embedding metadata fails for some books, add an option to show the failed books in the book list<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1449076]
* Animate the main toolbar when a device is connected/disconnected, to indicate that the contents of the toolbar have changed

=== Bug Fixes ===

* E-book viewer: When printing, print to a PDF file instead of directly to the printer. This fixes printing not working on some systems.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1448330]
* AZW3 Input: Handle kindlegen produced azw3 files that do not use normal HTML anchors for linking.
* Fix too many open files errors that could occur in a few places on OS X
* Do not allow user to hide all columns in book list via the context menu, as restoring them becomes difficult

== Release: 2.26 [24 Apr, 2015] ==

=== New Features ===

* Driver for the soon to be released Kobo Glo HD

=== Bug Fixes ===

* Do not use a separate process to draw the splash screen. This might fix the issue of calibre randomly freezing on startup on a few windows systems
* MOBI Ouput: Fix :first-letter applied to elements containing a comment causing conversion to fail
* Properly display names of libraries containing the ampersand character.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1447188]
* When sorting filenames in comics treat the file extension as a secondary sort key. Fixes xyz.jpg sorting after xyz_1.jpg
* Fix a regression in 2.25 that broke the search & replace wizard in the conversion dialog when converting a book with multiple formats
* Content server: Fix errors when library contains enough virtual libraries to cause grouping.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1446282]
* Manage tags dialog: Fix setting a tag to empty causes an unhandled error.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1446318]
* E-book viewer: Fix a regression that caused the viewer to occasionally skip the last page in a chapter when displaying more than one pages per screen and scrolling by screen
* Edit Book: Fix open OPF file not being refreshed when deleting items from the file browser.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1445634]

=== New news sources ===

* Discover Magazine Monthly by Michael Marotta

=== Improved news sources ===

* WirtschaftsWoche Online
* Wired

== Release: 2.25 [17 Apr, 2015] ==

=== New Features ===

* Edit Book: Make embedding fonts using the manage fonts dialog easier. You can now double click on a font family to see what faces for that family area available on your computer and install new fonts directly from the dialog.
* Book Details panel: Allow deleting tags/series/publisher/etc. by right clicking on the link in the book details panel.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1442925]
* E-book viewer: Allow expanding/collapsing all items in the Table of Contents view by right clicking
* When using the View specific format action add an 'Open With' button to choose a specific program to view the specified format
* Fetch News: Add API to allow recipe writers to easily resolve internal links to point to the downloaded versions of articles
* DOCX Input: Add support for DOCX files created by Word 2013 in 'Strict' mode
* When getting cover from comic files, use smart filename sorting to find the first filename, recognizing numbers inside the filenames.

=== Bug Fixes ===

* E-book viewer: When displaying multiple pages per screen fix whole screen scrolling so that it works as expected even at the end of the file, when their might be fewer pages left than would fill the screen.
* DOCX Input: Automatically resize large images used as bullets in lists, to compensate for the fact that HTML renderers do not do this.
* Book list: Prevent yes/no columns from making the minimum row height too large.
* Template language: Fix raw_field() function returning incorrect values for lists
* Edit book: Fix book locale changing when OPF edited if OPF contains a country code in addition to a language code
* Edit Book: Fix escaped HTML tags in the comments metadata being reported as mis-spelled words.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1441925]
* Edit Book: Fix regression that caused copying of non-breaking spaces to not work when using the keyboard shortcuts
* Open With: Fix open with not working for programs from the Microsoft Office suite

=== New news sources ===

* MIT Technology Review Magazine by Michael Marotta
* The Codeless Code by April King

=== Improved news sources ===

* Die Zeit
* NZZ Webpaper
* Arcamax

== Release: 2.24 [10 Apr, 2015] ==

=== New Features ===

* E-book viewer: Add an option to not save the bookmarks inside EPUB files, under the Miscellaneous section of the viewer preferences
* Manage User Categories: Allow restricting the visible items to only those present in the current Virtual Library (if any)
* Book details panel: Allow copying full path to ebook files by right clicking on the format link.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1437756]

=== Bug Fixes ===

* Edit Book: Fix GIF format images being corrupted when using the builtin image editor to make changes to them.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1440398]
* Edit Book: When dragging and dropping files to re-order them in the file browser, fix the final order being dependent on the order the files were selected in.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1440598]
* Conversion: Fix error when converting a document that contains an invalid function based CSS selector without parentheses.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1440278]
* Edit Book: Fix regression that caused pressing Alt+X to type unicode characters to not work
* Device view: Preserve position in list of books when deleting books from the device view
* Make the context menu for the book details popup window work the same way as for the book details panel
* Get Books: Update amazon store plugin for website changes
* PDF Metadata: When choosing between reading metadata from the Info dict and the XMP block, consider both the MetadataData and the ModifyDate in the XMP block, since there exist PDF metadata writing tools that update one and not the other.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1440304]
* Fix a regression that caused ebook viewer to remember the state of the Table of Contents panel when quitting on OS X.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1440444]
* Prevent Enter key on Manage authors/tags/etc. dialogs from closing the dialog.<br/>Closes tickets:&nbsp;[ 1440146]

=== Improved news sources ===

* Le Temps
* United Daily
* Liberty Times
* Apple Daily
* China Times
* House News
* Providence Journal
* Harvard Business Review



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