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Version : 0.6.1-1

  • package : tis-seadrive
  • editor :
  • version : 0.6.1-1
  • licence :
  • architecture : all
  • locale :
  • description : Seafile Drive Client for Windows. Seadrive is Seafile client which acts like system drive. (Seafile ltd.)
  • description_fr :
  • min_os_version :
  • max_os_version :
  • min_wapt_version : 1.3.8
  • installed_size :
  • impacted_process :
  • signature_date : 20180227-190759
  • maintainer : Hubert TOUVET
  • Depends :

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from setuphelpers import *

uninstallkey = []

def kb_is_installed(kb):
    print('Looking for installed KB....')
    import wmi
    qfe = wmi.WMI().Win32_QuickFixEngineering
    kbs = qfe.query(HotFixID=kb)
    if kbs:
        return kbs[0]
        return None

def install():
    print('installing Seadrive')
    if windows_version()>=WindowsVersions.Windows7 and windows_version()<WindowsVersions.Windows8:
        if not kb_is_installed('KB3033929'):
            print('Instaling required KB3033929')
            run('wusa.exe /quiet /norestart Windows6.1-KB3033929-x64.msu')
    print('installing seadrive exe')
    install_exe_if_needed('seadrive-0.6.1.exe','/S /NORESTART',key='{fd1c6960-5966-41a6-b7c8-e0b45c35ce0e}',min_version='0.6.1',killbefore=['seadrive.exe','seadrive-gui.exe'])
    # manual remove
    if '{18EA0C93-38A6-4347-B5DB-06996F5F516F}' in uninstallkey:
    if '{fd1c6960-5966-41a6-b7c8-e0b45c35ce0e}' in uninstallkey:

def uninstall():
    for key in ['{fd1c6960-5966-41a6-b7c8-e0b45c35ce0e','{18EA0C93-38A6-4347-B5DB-06996F5F516F}']:
        if installed_softwares(uninstallkey=key):
    print('Done uninstall')


Known issues

In version 0.5.1, we add the feature that the mounted drive is only visible to the current user, so some exe files can't be executed if stored in the drive because it needs admin privilege to run
In version 0.5.1, rename a non-cached folder or file will lead to sync error.
In version 0.5.0 Copy exe files to SeaDrive on Win 7 will freeze the explorer

0.6.1 (2017/03/27)
[fix] Don't show a popup notification to state that a file can't be created in S: because a few programs will automatically try to create files in S:

0.6.0 (2017/03/25)
Improve syncing status icons
Show error in the interface when there are syncing errors
Don't show rorate icon when downloading/uploading metadata
[fix] Don't download files when the network is not connected

0.5.2 (2017/03/09)
[fix] Rename a non-cached folder or file will lead to sync error.

0.5.1 (2017/02/16)
[fix] Fix copying exe files to SeaDrive on Win 7 will freeze the explorer
The mounted drive is only visible to the current user
Add popup notification when syncing is done
[fix] Fix any change in the settings leads to a drive letter change

0.5.0 (2017/01/18)
Improve stability
Support file locking
Support sub-folder permission
[fix] Fix 1TB limitation
User can choose disk letter in settings dialog
Support remote wipe
[fix] Use proxy server when login
Click system tray icon open SeaDrive folder
Support application auto-upgrade

0.4.2 (2016/12/16)
[fix] Fix SeaDrive initialization error during Windows startup

0.4.1 (2016/11/07)
[fix] Fix a bug that lead to empty S: drive after installation.

0.4.0 (2016/11/05)
[fix] Fix a bug that leads to generation of conflict files when editing
Add translations
Update included Dokany library to 1.0
Don't show encrypted libraries even in command line
Show permission error when copy a file to the root
Show permission error when try to modify a read-only folder
Show permission error when try to delete a folder in the root folder

0.3.1 (2016/10/22)
Fix link for license terms
Use new system tray icon
Add notification for cross-libraries file move

0.3.0 (2016/10/14)
Support selecting Drive letter
Don't create folders like msiS50.tmp on Windows
[fix] Fix cache size limit settings
Correctly show the storage space if the space is unlimited on the server side.
0.2.0 (2016/09/15)
Add shibboleth support
Show a dialog notify the client is downloading file list from the server during initialisation
Show transfer rate
[fix] Fix a bug that lead to the file modification time to be empty
[fix] Fix a bug that lead to files not be uploaded

0.1.0 (2016/09/02)
Initial release



[["WAPT/icon.png", "44da9c559bcbcd223ca9eb0aee9ec76f14c379a5d10b71dc51d64a6989fa9097"], ["WAPT/certificate.crt", "79e5388683c0b6cb03f4f81e4e58e3a11463b2b6cf169dd9c453098027dcfaa4"], ["WAPT/wapt.psproj", "906f8eeac571ff265643b6c2265d200c374b5b7c64d35447e8517ecfc5fb631a"], ["seadrive-0.6.1.exe", "4db250b1127b144bc9e1c199989913f4683a4a8c53c96214d557e30750420a6c"], ["", "719477a715554b0bc86ee0125994956ba61e8e9a373bbf5ef8274aa355d2b066"], ["Windows6.1-KB3033929-x64.msu", "5318587007edb6c8b29310ff18da479a162b486b9101a7de735f94a70dbc3b31"], ["WAPT/control", "214ae768fea1dc4d37e0c5230c7fa16dbe7f8674e73c31dceb12eb262e480845"], ["WAPT/changelog.txt", "8f7232dbd02e7bbb283e3de5e0ea319cb2f9127c9eb708d2537ed05898aca210"]]