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Version : 6.2.8-29

  • package : tis-seafile
  • editor :
  • version : 6.2.8-29
  • licence :
  • architecture : all
  • locale :
  • description : Windows client for cloud file storage Seafile (HaiWenHuZhi ltd.), Desinstallation non silencieuse.
  • description_fr : Client Windows pour les système de partage de fichiers Seafile (HaiWenHuZhi ltd.). Uninstall is not silent.
  • min_os_version : 6.1
  • max_os_version :
  • min_wapt_version : 1.5.1
  • installed_size : 159383552
  • impacted_process : seaf-daemon,seafile-applet
  • signature_date : 20181205-112154
  • maintainer : Hubert TOUVET, Amelie LE JEUNE

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from setuphelpers import *
import glob

# registry key(s) where WAPT will find how to remove the application(s)
uninstallkey = []

def install():
    for fn in glob.glob('*.msi'):

def update_package():
    import re
    index = wgets('')
    re_versions = re.compile('<a href="[\d\.]*)-en.msi"')
    # find latest
    last_version = sorted(re_versions.findall(index))[-1]
    print last_version
    download_url = '' % last_version
    localfile = 'seafile-%s-en.msi' % last_version
    if not isfile(localfile):

    # recup changelog
    #from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
    #bs = BeautifulSoup(wgets(''))

    # removes old msi
    msis = glob.glob('*.msi')
    for fn in msis:
        if fn != localfile:

    package_version = control.version.split('-')[1]
    for fn in glob.glob('*.msi'):
        control.version = "%s-%s" % (fn.split('-')[1],package_version)
    return control.version

if __name__ == '__main__':



6.2.8 (2018/12/05)
    [fix] Don't refresh activity list automatically
    [fix] Fix view on Web link for starred items

6.2.7 (2018/11/22)

    Handle library permission change for synced libraries
    Don't retry forever when error occur during first time downloading
    [Mac] Fix dark mode support on Mac Mojave
    Show user's name instead of email in account switching popup

6.2.5 (2018/09/14)

    More robust deleting folder locally if it is deleted on the server
    Show file modifier in cloud file browser
    [fix, win] Fix avatar with jpg format can't be displayed problem
    Support getting internal link
    [fix, Win] Fix support for some SSL CA

6.2.4 (2018/08/03)

    [fix] Fix a bug that causing Windows Explorer crash

6.2.3 (2018/07/30)

    Prevent multiple seaf-daemon running
    [fix] Support preconfigured Shibboleth Url
    Restart seaf-daemon automatically if it is dead

6.2.2 6.2.1 Beta (2018/07/13)

    [fix] Fix initialization problem in first time launching
    Improve file syncing notification message

6.2.0 Beta (2018/07/03)

    [mac] Add automatical locking support for Office files
    [mac] Don't update local office file if it is editing locally while simultaneously edited remotely
    [win] Enable using both syncing client and drive client while keep the Explorer file status icon work for both
    [win] Remove ccnet component to make running multiple-instances on a single machine possible
    Don't send unneccesary "api2/events" requests
    [cloud file browser] Fix uploading retrying
    [fix] Fix .eml files can't be deleted

6.1.8 (2018/05/08)
    [fix] Fix display of library search box

6.1.7 (2018/03/29)

    [fix] Fix file searching
    [cloud file browser] Support showing indexing progress after uploading a large file

6.1.6 (2018/03/13)

    [fix] Fix crash during login
    [cloud file browser] Only show search button when the server is pro edition
    Show detailed path when a library can't be synced because a file is locked
    [fix] Fix a crash during file syncing caused by files with illegal file name
    [fix] Fix a bug that causing crash during loading libraries

6.1.5 (2018/02/06)

    Add "trust this device" function to two-step authentication
    Add search files inside a library
    Some UI improvements

6.1.4 (2017/12/20)
    cloud file browser

    Don't use resumable upload feature when updating a file
    Show an icon to indicate that a file is cached
    Show a warning icon when a file failed to upload to the server after changing
    User can re-upload a local modified file that failed to upload
    Add a command to open local cache folder
    Improve error messages when uploading a file or a folder
    [mac] Fix a bug that a doc/xls file uploaded automatically after downloading
    Some ui fixes and improvements

    Don't show the connection status of
    Disable editing of local syncing path, users can only choose a path
    Some ui fixes and improvements

6.1.3 (2017/11/03)

    [fix] Fix system tray icon
    Change "Shibbeloth Login" to "Single Sign On"
    [fix] Fix MacOS client using discrete GPU
    [cloud file browser] Improve file uploading after modification
    [cloud file browser, fix] Don't show quota exceeded when server return 502 error
    [cloud file browser] Show number of files in current folder

6.1.2 (2017/10/28)

    [Win] Update system tray icon
    Return error if repo name contains invalid characters when syncing a library
    Update local folder name when repo name is changed.
    Leave a shared library
    [fix] Fix open cloud file browser from activity view
    [fix] Fix loading more events in activity tab
    [fix, cloud file browser] Always watching local cached files after uploading failed when file changed
    [fix, cloud file browser] Use local cached version if it is changed locally

6.1.1 (2017/09/20)
    Improve support for syncing EML files (Don't sync EML files if only timestamp changed)
    Improve support for Copy/Paste files in cloud file browser
    [Mac] Fix opening file history from Mac
    [fix] Fix memory leak in Windows extension handler
    [fix] Fix re-login with Shibboleth
    UI/UX improvements for cloud file browser
    [fix, Windows] Fix a bug in detecting whether there is an old instance of Seafile running
6.1.0 (2017/08/02)
    [fix] Fix a bug that library name will be changed back when it is changed in the server
    [fix] Fix a bug that uploading progress exceeding 100%.
    [fix] Fix selectively synced subfolder disappear after logout and login again
    Use new library icons
    [fix] Fix showing of avatars
    [fix] Improve UI in Windows with high DPI screens<
    Only allow https for Shibboleth login
    Clean unused logs in applet.log
    Remove the function of map a library to a network drive
    [fix] Fix an issue when uploading a deep empty folder like "A/B/C"
    Change default block size to 8MB
    [fix, mac] Popup a notification after user clicking the "Check new version" button in about dialog if the current version is the latest version

6.0.7 (2017/06/23)
    [fix] Fix auto-completion in sharing dialog
    Show contact avatars in auto-completion of sharing dialog
    [fix] Fix mis-leading error message when uploading a file to a read-only library via cloud file browser
    Add highlight background color when drag and drop a file/folder to a library
    [fix] Fix connection error in libcurl
    [fix] Fix sorting by time in cloud file browser
    [fix] Fix sorting by name case sensitive in cloud file browser
    [fix] Fix drag more than one folder to cloud file browser
    Add loading more in activity tab and search tab
    "View sync error" can only be clicked when there are sync errors
    Move seafile.log, applet.log to seafile.log.old, applet.log.old if they become too large
    Remove the "?" icon in creating new folder dialog title bar

6.0.6 (2017/05/08)
	Sort files by numbers if numbers contained in the file name, so "1, 10, 2, 11, 3" will be sorted as "1, 2, 3, 10, 11".
	Use native system window for Seafile main windown and cloud file browser window.
	Fix progress overflow when uploading large file using cloud file browser
	Improve the tip when removing an account in the client
	Don't show download button when select folders in cloud file browser
	Clean cache data of cloud file browser when logout an account or restart the client
	[fix] Fix display problem for high screen Windows in win10
	[fix] Fix libssl compatibility problem in Debain Stretch
    Add auto-update check

6.0.4 (2017/02/21)
	[fix] Fix Shibboleth login support
	Improve network connection check
	Don't log "read pipe error" into log file
	[fix] Fix the link for help page
	Improve library sharing dialog (pro edition only feature)

6.0.3 (2017/02/11)
	Add a dialog to list all sync errors
	Don't popup file is locked by other users error message
	Make sync error message more accurate
	[win] Support intermediate CA
	[cloud file browser] Show correct error message when quota is exceeded during file upload
	Show the server address during Shibboleth login
	Support pre-config Shibboleth server address in seafile.ini
	[fix] Show the recent shared user in sharing dialog
	"open folder" changed to "open local folder"

6.0.2 (deprecated)
	This version has a few bugs. We will fix it soon.

6.0.1 (2016/12/07)
   Don't generate case conflict file/folder
   [fix] Fix popup style for Mac Sierra
   Show image thumbnail in cloud file browser
   Change label "organization" to "shared with all", "private shares" to "shared with me"
6.0.0 (2016/10/14)
    [fix] Fix a conflict problem with ESET anti-virus program
    Fix client name and add client version in modification history
    Add remote wipe support
    [fix] Fix sub-folder permission support
5.1.4 (2016/07/29)
    [fix] Fix seaf-daemon crash if root dir is corrupted
    [fix, pro] Fix auto-completion in sharing a folder to a user if the user name contains a space
5.1.3 (2016/06/27)
	Support syncing any sub-folder with a community server
	[fix, win] Fix automatically unlocking office files
	[fix, pro] Fix auto-completion in sharing a folder to a user
	auto-login for open file history in web
	Prevent generating too many "case conflict" files
5.1.2 (2016/06/07)
	Add context menu to view file history in web
	[fix, pro] Fix user auto-completion in folder sharing dialog
	[Linux] Fix tray icon not shown in KDE 5
	[win 10, fix] Fix explorer context menu has no right arrow
	[win, fix] Can't create new files/folders in "My Library" Shortcut
	[win, fix] Fix on Windows 10 sometimes the seafile client main window exceeds the height of the screen.
5.1.1 (2016/05/04)
	Add “Groups” category in the client’s library view
	Click notification pop up now open the exact folder containing the modified file.
	Change "Get Seafile Share Link" to "Get Seafile Download Link"
	[Fix] Use case-insensitive sorting in cloud file browser
	[Fix] Don't sync a folder in Windows if it contains invalid characters instead of creating an empty folder with invalid name
	[Fix] Fix a rare bug where sometimes files are synced as zero length files. This happens when another software doesn't change the file timestamp after changing the content of the file.
5.1.0 (2016/04/11)
	Note: Seafile client now support HiDPI under Windows, you should remove QT_DEVICE_PIXEL_RATIO settings if you had set one previous.

	Update to QT5.6
	Add HiDPI support
	Remove corrupted local metadata when unsync or resync a library


[["WAPT/icon.png", "7946189f6c34a19cd3240cfc88be6df966ece4cfff34835fb65a92840fe519e7"], ["WAPT/certificate.crt", "13fb474c5c23c135a77aba592eb8821b9ecbcc463f5b7312312b87b20eac6779"], ["WAPT/wapt.psproj", "cbffae33f0b6d6a8dfda3d519f3d45f0bd73d6f1ea53e4f865015cc44a447c8b"], ["seafile-6.2.8-en.msi", "374f839768d14fa918e662e8d4196affc4a0a867d8b1660a1296f844d27cb776"], ["", "14bfaac9e60999d98f34a645cdf37c95404109b73767b4e25868d34024e179bf"], ["WAPT/control", "44650aead24b6378f164c8bc7e8bd65b6f0e21e6124a7ca923d9932e1106f17f"], ["WAPT/changelog.txt", "32e14631ea2d4ffa1e2c102882fb5c9000469ba477c87926a9c7358711b2d0a4"]]